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How to know perfectly the PlayStation 4 owners that chimpanzees grooming the Store looking for something free to download, the release of the new Sony console brought with it a fairly wide range in terms of free-to-play, aimed no doubt become more numerous if the effort is repaid by the users. Expletives gratuiteIn that effect the Blacklight: Retribution is emblematic, because in some ways the shooter developed by Zombie Studios, already available on PC from April 2012, is the most evil can hide behind the apparent benevolence of free-to-play. Our Simon

T he amiably disquisito on morbidity of microtransactions exist in the game, that from some point onwards puts us in basically faced with a fork; but rather than repeat this analysis, we would rather concentrate on the characteristics of this shooter and what might be its prerogatives on PlayStation 4, even and especially in future optical. Yes, because the internal update system makes Blacklight: Retribution a veritable open yard, an evolving project that asks its foundations on the strength of some good ideas and could introduce many more from here in a few months.


There are some tutorials to learn the basics, but in truth the experience is now simple and immediate, thanks also to a control system which incorporates one of the most important exponents of the FPS genre. Expletives gratuiteI DualShock 4 trigger have finally allowed developers to avoid alternative layout with regard to aim and fire, so took to the field once we activate the iron sight using the left trigger and shoot by pressing on the right, while the upper ridges L1 and R1 will throw a grenade respectively (or what we equip as a special weapon) and to activate an infrared Viewer that performs a scan of the scenario and we report the location of our teammates and opponents.

The only problem with this device is that while we hold on we are particularly vulnerable, and enemies will take advantage of it.

For the rest, configuration of main buttons is the usual (for Square reupload, triangle to change weapon, X to jump and Crouch Circle) and runs by pressing the left analog stick on its axis. About analog, even in this situation the DualShock 4 cut the bridges with the past and gives us an excellent grip and excellent precision, without annoying dead zones. Ok, but the game itself? Let’s say the feeling is very reminiscent of Call of Duty, and it is absolutely an evil: you travel fast, the action is frenetic, shoot well and return a good feedback. It was thought rightly to slow the movement of the character and aims, so more pronounced compared to Activision, but in general the approach chosen by Zombie Studios work, is solid and can give satisfaction. Get the Blacklight Retribution Hacks and start destroying the competition with ease!


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